The Dream

I had a weird and beautiful dream this morning, when I was in deep sleep.

The dream was impressed in my mind, so that I could remember it for few hours. So, I decided to write it here.

The dream went like this,

Scene 1:

I was conversing with a stranger along with my dad.

Stranger Guy: So, it’s time for you to get married. (with a smile on his face)

Me: No, it will atleast take another 2–3 years. (With blushing face)

So, the dream continues…

Scene 2:

I was riding on back of my dad’s bike heading to somewhere. We were wearing some new traditional ethnic wear.

We arrive at an old Family Deity temple, which I never went before.

There was a group of people praying by standing asside to the deity. In that there was a young girl, she looked like a beautiful traditional Tamil girl.

After the worship, I was just wandering around the temple, it was not much crowded.

Then there arrived my relatives in groups a few yards away from me, carrying a Thamboolam (a trey of traditional items which is used in mariage rituals) and other customary things.

Along with them, there was the same girl whom I just met inside the temple also comming.

Then suddenly one of my relatives came and congratulated me for getting married.

I was like OMG!

Then the strange guy whom I mentioned earlier came, he said “Yesterday only we both were talking about your marriage; see how things are happening, i’m happy that you’re marrying her today”.

I was shocked; I can’t clearly conclude that whether I got married or yet to get married that day.

I couldn’t accept this marriage decision as i’m not ready for this and also it looks like a marriage with compulsion.

I was thinking, perhaps if I convey my unwillingness on this to my dad, he will be shattered.

What if I discard this marriage in front of all the family members who came for the wedding ceremony?

Then I was portraying the scene where a relative of that girl (the bride) is rushing to slash my head.

The dream continues…

Scene 3:

After I flee away from the wedding venue.

I was walking all alone in the night with the help of street lights.

There was a truck parked at the side of the road.

I went near the truck to see who is inside, I was surpriced to see a beautiful girl, she was sitting on the driver seat.

She was so adorable in her beauty.

I was wondering why this girl in the truck?

Conversation between us:

Me: Hey, why are you here?

She: There was a Fox that chassing me, so I’m hiding here.

Me: Okay, there is no one with you?.

She: No

I was preparing to make a chance to spend more time with her.

Then she alerted me “Look back! The Fox, it’s comming towards you to attack”.

I looked back; yes, there was a Fox with scarry appearance.

I just climbed the other door of the truck to put myself safe.

I was sitting beside this beatiful lady; We talked about random things for hours.

So, We are inside an unknown truck, hiding from a Fox’s sight, at a random place in the dark night.

Later, a Jeep came to pick up both of us.

Then I woke up, with a hope that the dream will be continued.

Happy Dreamings! 🙂